Toarn: Giant Killer


Now that you’ve recovered from your extended holiday weekend, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and introduce you to Toarn. They may not be from sunny California, but we still want to show them some love because we have been spinning their new record, Giant Killer, all morning and it’s bound to take some of you back to the days when you were a metal head – or perhaps you still are because that’s exactly what this album is all about; head bashing, bone crushing, metal.

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate music such as this. Those who like their music with dark undertones and a lot of raw aggression. That’s what’s found when unwrapping each layer of Giant Killer. From “Flanders Field” that roars to “I Am Not” which sounds like Hot Topic back in the early days. What lacked with “I Am Not” though was a sense of energy in the music, that’s where “Inverted Cross” came in. It had the whole package in terms of wicked lyrics and a burst of spirit in the overall delivery. The title track offered growls and musical scowls and “We Declare War” was all about the combativeness of it all.

Today we’ve given our metal head readers something new to listen to and we hope that even if Ozzfest isn’t your cup of tea – you take a second to try something new because life’s too short to stay in one lane. Switch it up once in awhile. With that, we leave you to take in Toarn’s Giant Killer, out July 15.



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