Native Gold: A Man We All Admire


Those Now compilations, are those still going strong? I’m not too sure of the answer but I remember getting one of the first ones and loving almost every track on it, but one – Radiohead’s “Karma Police.” I was too young to appreciate the eerie nuances, striking progressions and so forth and so on.Older now, I understand it better as a whole and that’s why I was able to sit down with Native Gold’s A Man We All Admire and take it in with a more open mind than I would have if I was a mere fifth grader with only Spice Girls on the mind.

Much like Radiohead in the 90’s, Native Gold has this acid trip meets rock and roll feel to them. “Fake the Smile” is kind of ominous as it puts you in a trance like state throughout. It played like a dreamscape, on a cloud of sound while “Fickle” had more of a mainstream packaging as the lyrics and beat were more in the light. Not to say it was a pop song, but you could see this one breaking them into the mainstream in a way. Lastly, “Begun to Begin” played like the love child of Queen and hallucinogenic; a dramatic stupor.

Younger folks whose minds are flooded with processed pop will likely fail to see the musicianship of Native Gold, much like I did with “Karma Police” all those years ago. Now, those who find solace in the likes of Radiohead and Pink Floyd will be the ones who want to check out A Man We All Admire, out now.


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