The Hip Hop Shop: Master Clown Shrooms


With songs like “Druggie Jesus” and “The Quiet Boy & The Monster,” Master Clown Shrooms has created some buzz around himself in the Los Angeles area. He’s zany in some ways, but definitely a talented emcee when given the mic. Master Clown Shrooms otherwise known as MCS when one doesn’t want to spell it out, is an artist fully taking advantage of the power of the instant ways of the internet. He frequently posts updates and lets fans in on what he’s thinking and doing, and is quite entertaining. From saying how his fans will be tested to the clip of him trying to book a show in a Target bathroom, it’s all very interesting to watch and there’s not doubt that he’s got the personality. That’s not all though, his sound is bound to get him noticed as well.

His sound comes from a place of eccentricities. The aforementioned songs have a bit of this raw rage to them and that could be the best way to describe him as a whole. Raw rage that has more of a laid back approach to the delivery. Think of Machine Gun Kelly after taking a chill pill – because let’s be real, that guy’s rhymes are like a wildfire. In hindsight, you could hear Master Clown Shrooms’ music being big with those who watch Workaholics and love spending time kicking it in Venice. If that sounds like you, check out LA’s own Master Clown Shrooms today.


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