Kelsey Lu Delivers Shows Us “Empathy” with New Video

Photo Credit: Laura Coulson


The beauty of New York City could never be summarized in one sitting. It’s one of the most visited and inhabited cities in the US, and for good reason. I had 12 hours there and could only see one part and now I yearn to return. Despite the smell, that some would say adds to the authentic experience, I appreciate the creativity in the air, the diversity in the faces, and the endless possibilities that seem to live within every avenue and boulevard. Why so much love for the Big Apple today? Well it’s because at least once a week we must head outside of LA and introduce you to a place that is the home of a great artist and this week it’s the New York City transplant, Kelsey Lu.


Originally from North Carolina, Kelsey now calls New York City home and there she’s found her place in life and has made strides in her career. In Brooklyn she opened for Florence + the Machine and Grimes at the Barclays Center, and that led to sharing the stage with the likes of Kendrick Lamar over in the UK. Of course this isn’t just because she packed up and headed to the bright lights of the city that city that never sleeps. It’s mostly due to her insane talent. Her vocals sound like a throwback to when singing was first considered a thing. A modern twist to Gregorian chants, Kelsey’s voice carries like a it’s being carried through the pews of Quasimodo’s residence. Which makes a lot of sense when you realize her debut EP is titled Church. On top of that – this songstress recorded her album in one swift take inside an actual place of worship in Brooklyn.

Worship is all one can do when dealing with an artist who sounds as such. One listen to her latest single, “Empathy,” and you are praising someone about that girls range. It’s eerie in many ways as there is a build up to the lyrical delivery, but the wait only grows listeners’ interest more. Once a note escapes her, you know how quickly she must’ve won over the fans of Florence + the Machine and Grimes alike. Whimsical meets a bit of might, there’s an unimpeded allure to every word she lets loose. With that, you can see her perform “Empathy” and the rest of the gems from Church when she comes to LA and plays the Troubadour on August 31.


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