Sunset Harbinger: Finally Home

The members of the Los Angeles based band Sunset Harbinger have all been around the world and when they are not experiencing wanderlust, they are putting their heads and travels together to come up with a sound that has a worldly sound that is intricately spun around electronic vibes. All of which can be found on their recently released debut, Finally Home. Out this past June, it’s been almost a month since it dropped and it’s still making waves.

Their lead single, “I Need Another,” gives off a very ambient meets metropolitan nightlife feel that is met in the middle with a demure sense of seduction. While that one was playing with bedroom eyes, “Glass Jar,” “The Kraken” and “All For One Man” featuring Evan Wyndom had more a funky feel with reggae influences. In between all of that was the light and airy romance of “Tell Me How To Love You,” as well as the surprising end, “Finally Home.” We had this very distinct sound and then “Finally Home” came in with this 90’s alternative rock slow jam, something Liz Phair may’ve done, energy.

Sunset Harbinger have been around the world and have brought their travels home to LA to record their debut. It’s a record that showcases the sights and sounds they must’ve encountered at their destinations, and also brought it back to the homeland with a throwback to the rock that owned the early part of the 90’s. All in all, this is an easy listening experience with electronic moments that made for a modern twist. If you’re a fan of electronic meets new age like sounds, check out Finally Home, out now.

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