Venue Spotlight: Hollywood Palladium

Sitting on Vine just a ways away from the infamous corner of that and Hollywood, there’s something both intimate and grand about the Palladium. As that area continues to be built up, this venue remains untouched after receiving its own facelift not too long ago. You enter those side doors and there’s usually the merch table, a few bars sprinkled here and there and then of course the doors that lead you onto their widespread floor – where really, nowhere on that floor is a bad place to stand. There’s even an upstairs area that places you not too far away from the action. Mirroring a ballroom with a bit of a grunge edge, the Palladium isn’t just about hosting the rock and roll of bands like Taking Back Sunday and All Time Low, but also hip hop’s best as well as special events like one near and dear to my own heart.

Contact Info:

Address: 6215 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone Number:
(323) 962-7600
Hollywood Palladium

A Favorite Palladium Memory

My second favorite show ever was at the Palladium. After seeing the Spice Girls reunite at Staples Center – Backstreet Boys there is a close number two. Imagine seeing a boy band in a general admission setting? Insanity. While high on my list, I had to go with a time I went to the Palladium and actually got to perform on the stage. Yup, this girl has been on stage at one of LA’s finest.

It’s Always Sunny was still sort of under the radar and then came their musical episode and it seemed like everyone and their mom was now a fan. I’d loved the show for years prior, actually since day one when the pilot aired but anyways…They announced they’d be touring the show with the musical. I’d seen when they did it for the first time at the Troubadour, but with the success of that they were going to tour – and hit bigger places. Not working at the time I could not afford the $50 ticket. Luckily Playboy was running a contest…and it’s safe to say I entered about 50 times a day, and low and behold – I won! I won one of the five pairs of tickets to go, along with VIP passes for the after party.

What I was unaware of though until that night was that one of the five winners would win a chance to actually be in the show playing a bit part. Fast forward to being on stage with the other winners, only three others because one didn’t show, and my name is pulled from the hat! OMG. OMG. I may have missed part of the show because I was backstage getting ready and rehearsing one on one with Charlie Day – but it’s safe to say, it was well freaking worth it! For the rest of my life I’ll get to say I got to act in one of my favorite shows at one of the coolest venues in LA. My future pets will be impressed with this, I swear.

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