Kid Cadaver: Roam


Back in high school I went to a random show and ended up walking away a huge Hellogoodbye fan. Their nonsensical approach to music that was both fun and sweet was just what I needed to balance out the pop punk and screamo. Years later the lead singer grew up and seemed to lose all the fun he had inside of him, replacing it with a serious indie side that was more fitting for a hipster crowd. Today I’m no longer a fan and only brought that up to introduce you to Kid Cadaver. This is what Hellogoodbye should’ve matured into. A entertaining band with a fun sound that graciously blends indie rock with the dance floor on their latest album, Roam.

A handful of songs deep “Ropes” starts off the album with a good time. It only elevates from there as “New Friends” brings to the kind of music fans of Passion Pit and MGMT would find themselves listening to on the daily. These songs are the kind you put on during the day, but “Keep Well” introduces us to the night time side of Kid Cadaver. Then we take a step away from the moving and grooving and step inside the heart of the band with “Claws” and the simple but overwhelming line, “You say you love me, but you have to prove it baby.” All is said and done as “Waves” comes crashing in at the end like the climax of a jam packed movie.

High school was long ago and I’m not the same person I was then. Older and maybe not that too much the wiser but looking back I shouldn’t have been quick to get rid of Hellogoodbye when they changed. In my defense, they really could’ve matured in a way that led them to sound like Kid Cadaver. If you’re a fan of bands like Passion Pit and MGMT, check out Roam, out now. Get the record and then check them out at Lobster Fest in San Pedro and the Chinatown Moon Festival.

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