Introducing: Canadian Singer/songwriter

Up and Coming Canadian Singer/songwriter Laura Roy was born October 8th, 1991 and raised in the small village of Canning, Nova Scotia. She began singing, writing poems and composing music around the age of 10. Not long after she started guitar lessons she began to perform at talent shows and festivals around Nova Scotia. Laura recorded her first EP album at the age of 16 and sold copies of it out of her backpack on school lunch breaks.

The music that encased our childhood and adolescence will always mean a little more to us than anything we hear as adults. That’s because nostalgia is strong, but thankfully there are new artists who know their roots and throw it back so that we can in fact enjoy something more modern. Those who loved the R&B of the 90’s that came about thanks to the likes of artists like Mariah Carey and Brandy, but have also found themselves loving the powerful pop from Demi Lovato today will no doubt fall for Laura Roy’s eponymous debut EP.

When Laura Roy starts, “Don’t Chase The Feeling” welcomes you with a blast. Every song after that, you can’t but think, “Now this is some good, soulful pop.” When you get older, it’s hard to stay current with the Top 40 hitmakers but thankfully artists like this come along to make you feel at home in a sound that is both familiar and contemporary. There’s a force in Laura’s voice that comes across in songs that are bound to sit on repeat for many listeners like “Bright Lights” and “Plastic,” and even when she takes things down to a mid-tempo in “Full Moon,” she still presents a jam.

Pulling from a decade that bred some of the best R&B has had to offer, Laura Roy takes from yesteryear and brings it into 2016 for fans of all ages who just want to listen to some great pop music that has a blast of soul. If that’s you, make sure to check out Laura Roy, out now.

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