Their Wedding: Naked


by Kendra Beltran

When you write about music on a daily basis, a lot of artists come and go but then every once in awhile you have one that just sticks and that’s what Their Wedding did in an instant. One note into Naked and I was done. I was like, when will be everyone’s favorite new band? Elsewhere I knew one of their members thanks to his indie rock band, but now it seems like Michael Escanuelas has taken his love of being in a rock band and added a pop twist that’s definitely done him well.

Knowing Michael’s other band, The Motel Life, I wasn’t expecting what came when “Next Girl” started to play. I was like, he’s a R&B singer now? The unexpected surprise led me to falling in love fast and hard. Taking the elements of indie and tossing in some soul and pop really makes this record one to hit repeat on. While we started off strong, I wasn’t feeling “Boston” and “Wurly” quite as much but they ended strong with “The Time In-Between” and got me with the title track. Sometimes you need the visuals to really make a song go the distance and that’s what the video for “Naked” does. Shout out to Their Wedding for showing some love to the art of synchronized dancing. Not since the days of great boy bands and more recently Motion City Soundtrack, have artists really taken ahold of that.

So many bands pass through my ears unnoticed, but I’m making a special effort to ensure Their Wedding stays on my radar. Their fusion of soul and indie will make fans of bands like Cable Car and artists like Nick Jonas not only smile, but swoon. If this is the kind of music you want spinning in your life, check out Their Wedding’s Naked, out now.

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