Stay Wild: livelearnlove

The US, the world, is not in a good state of mind right now. Every other day the news delivers a story where the bottom line is hate. Stay Wild is not about that – at all. The Apple Valley band has long since been supporters of the LGBTQ community and right now they have a special going on with their label, Panic State Records, where 50% of their merch sales go to The Trevor Project – which includes sales of their latest release, livelearnlove


Hardocre to the well, core…Stay Wild is a band that on the surface you’d think they were raging in their lyrics about the grittiest things on earth. Instead, peeling back the music you’ll find some of the most endearing lyrics out there right now. From the ones woven through “Iconoclast” to the tale of coming out in “Blossom” – they’re all to be noted, but it was “Tigger Warning” that really made my head turn. Reading along as Stay Wild delivered crushing guitars and abrasive licks was a song that checked white privilege at the door. Because let’s face it – a straight, white male is something many would want to grow up to be based solely on the fact that that seems to be the “ideal” of who’ll get the most respect. Which has been the case since settlers first came to the states centuries ago. You don’t hear that in music every day and it was bracing to hear.

People often turn to the arts when things get tough – be it a night out at the movies, a day bingewatching Netflix or listening to music. So it’s great to hear a band doing something in their music that allows us to hear something with actual substance. Plus, proceeds from this music – and all of Stay Wild’s merch – will go to a good cause. If you’re a fan of music that has something to actually say, or just a lover of hardcore – check out Stay Wild’s livelearnlove, out now.

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