Heiress to Atlas: Spark

Once upon a time almost all of us feared people on the other side of a chat room. The internet was still in its infancy to most of us at the time, and stranger danger had taken a new form in the budding digital age. Then we got over it with the birth of social media and today many meet their best friends online. I have a tattoo drawn up by a girl I met on a message board, while Vidya Sethu and Marc Thomas have their synthpop duo, Heiress to Atlas. She was a singer from Australia and he was a New York producer, but after meeting online – they knew they needed to not only be friends, but musical partners until the end. With that I’m sure came an initial meeting and fast forwarding to today – their Spark EP.


Bonding over the usual negatives that plague a human’s existence like being broken up with or feeling like an outsider, Heiress to Atlas started writing and what came of it was songs like the vivid pop of “Bullet” and “Well Enough” that showcases Sethu’s strong as steel vocals. What stood out though was “Alien Boy.” While they have these electronic elements and synth ways, I always just heard good pop music that had a bit of solidity to the overall packaging. What I like about this EP is that it doesn’t fall into its genre’s niche so much that it alienates itself. Usually I would never personally care for anything that was in any way associated with electro, but this album – while having those elements – proves to be more than just the outer shell. There’s other pieces of its puzzle that paints a clearer pop picture.

Much like making friends online, that is also how most find new music today. Which is likely what you’ve just done by reading these words and deciding whether or not Heiress to Atlas was for you. If you’re still unsure – note that if you’re a fan of pop music that has electronic undertones, as well as vigorous vocals, then Spark is for you and out now.


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