Acidic: Creatures


by Kendra Beltran

It was a risk to go out and cover Acidic some years ago when they opened for Hawthorne Heights at the Troubadour. Never knowing if shows are going to run on time and relying on the lovely LA Metro is always a gamble. They played on time and I was able to get out and home safe. I’m still without a car, but haven’t seen this band since. While I haven’t, many others have. Watching them onstage a couple of times, I knew that while young they were a force. Then they were a rising rock band with a presence that made me think they had been at it for years. Today they’re sound is a little different than I remembered but their album, Creatures, is still forceful nonetheless.

Right off the bat I was thrown for a loop with “Beatness.” Gone was the rockers and in was the indie. Then they started to come back to what I’d known with “Beautiful,” mirroring the type of talent Incubus would take on the road to warm the crowds up for them every night. The sentiment of “Miles From Home” and the trippiness of “Pop” were done precision, but it was “Creatures” and “Rad (Standing in the Rain)” that took me back to that risky night at the Troubadour when they made me think, this is a band that could go far and above their expectations.

A life without risks isn’t one worth living. That’s what I’ve come to learn and what I think Acidic has done with Creatures. While it’s all over the place and experimenting with different styles, it’s a rock record at heart. So if you’re into bands like Audiovent and Wayland, you’ll want to make sure this record is next on your list to check out. Creatures is out now.


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