Blade of Grass: Skydream

by Kendra Beltran

My musical journey this week has taken me from the quirky ways of Nate Allen to the sexy indie soul of Their Wedding. Now I’m ending on a trippy note with Blade of Grass’ Skydream. Joshua Murphy and Mike Hurst came together to create a sound they call electronic space rock five years ago and since then have lived up to what they wanted to do. Come the end of the month they’ll add a new EP to their discography and it’s the kind of music you would listen to if you were into black light posters and thinking deep about the universe at 2am.

“The Day Will Come” takes a page out of the name of the record as it transports you into a dream. Listeners will float on a cloud of sound the whole way through as an indie vibe takes over and eases the ride. Then we get a bit more oomph as “She Was” steps up the energy and wakes this album up, but as soon as it does in saunters “It’s Such A Long Road.” A song made for slow motion dancing in the woods, this one has flower child written all over it. Skydream them rounds out with “Haven’t Slept For Days,” the only song on the record that stands apart for being a bit commercial.

Music can often take you away from reality and that’s what Blade of Grass is all about. With just the press of play, you’re taken from the confines of your bedroom, car, or cubicle and blasted off into a world filled with music that makes you think you’re stuck in a deep sleep of wonder. If you like bands that trip you out while entertaining, check out Blade of Grass’ Skydream, out September 29.

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