Beautiful Machines: Bridges

Music can change everything, especially in film. Imagine Jurassic Park without that instrumental piece that welcomes you to the park, Titanic without Celine Dion, and so forth and so on. That came to mind in an instant when San Francisco’s Beautiful Machines’ Bridges started up. Opening with “Prototype,” you’re automatically taken aback and tossed into a flick of epic proportions. It’s clear this band has a way with sound and showcases throughout their sophomore release.

Another cinematic piece came from “Interference,” but it wasn’t always about the blockbuster piece. There was the dark but dance-like motions set forth by “Million Miles,” as well as the ethereal synth of “Real Love.” What I really loved though, most of all, was the energetic interjection of “Free” and the way that it slowed down abruptly. The pacing of that one kept your interest at all costs, as did “Sunrise Song.” As a whole, that was the song where both the music and the melodies worked the best in sync to deliver the most well rounded of the album.

Music changes everything, especially in life. Without music our lives would be void of emotions arranged in sonically sound pieces. Funny, there are but a handful of a emotions, but millions upon millions of ways to express them musically. The Bay Area is lucky to have Beautiful Machines call it home, and we’re lucky today to have Bridges to tell you about. An album that captures a pictorial view of the world through synth laced rock. If you want to be moved musically, check out Bridges, out now.

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