Midnight Faces: Heavenly Bodies

The 80’s is something I only spent three actual years in. A toddler when it ended, the pop culture, the sounds, the sights – all I know is due to a healthy addiction to Vh1’s I Love the 80’s and of course, having an older brother who was all about that decade.

So when Midnight Faces’ Heavenly Bodies came into my bubble of existence, I didn’t hear the shoegaze and the psych-pop but rather a throwback to the 80’s with some modern undertones. That’s all I could hear as songs like “Party Donna” peaked my interest with its cooler than ice beat and a pace I’d want to keep up with. The same goes with the endearing “All Around You,” and “Space Boy” as well.

It wasn’t all a throwback to the days of Heathers and Madonna. “Sirens” sounded like a song that’d be played by a band opening for The 1975. While that one had a place on the stage, the title track had hypnotic notions to it. Lost in every note and line, it’s one of those songs you put on and just lose yourself in. All of the above were songs to put you in a time and place, a good mood, a special place where only you and the music reside but then there were others that weren’t sitting well with me personally. Not feeling “Germanium” and “Blue Haze,” I felt myself just going back to “Heavenly Bodies” again and again.

Fans of Suburban Living and Young Kato will want to find themselves on board with Midnight Faces as they gear up to drop Heavenly Bodies later this month on August 26. Before that though, you can check out this LA-based band playing Costa Mesa’s The Wayfarer on August 12.



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