Chameleon Technology: Blank Canvas

When my eyes first laid upon Max Histrionic, I thought – this has to be a singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar who writes of love and likely could tour with Jason Mraz. Man, was I 100% wrong.

Instead Histrionic is anything but as the one-man show known as Chameleon Technology. He makes music Mraz fans would be a little weary of as it’s void of light hearted emotions and laid back vibes that come with the waves of the Golden Coast. Instead Chameleon Technology delivers a fusion of punk mentality with progressive metal music on his latest release, Blank Canvas.

The EP is a force to be reckoned with. Just a handful of songs, this record is the complete opposite of what I thought I was in for when I hit play. Instead of Vh1 melodies, I got something I’d likely hear on the Rage Against the Machine Pandora station. Yup, you’d be able to hear that station as exuberant songs such as “No Safe World” and “Serin’s Vending” come into play. From a more modern day metal standpoint to one made up of Warped Tour elements, the latter part of the record has more of a hard punk packaging. That’s what you get into when “Lifestyle Science” and “Self Repair” play on. Capping things off is the uber-punk ways of the title track.

Looks can be deceiving, but there’s an excitement in looking at someone and thinking they’re one way – and finding out they are way different than you could have ever expected. Assumptions can be wrong, and with Chameleon Technology – that was most definitely the case. Less a singer-songwriter, more a punk rock one-man force who brings it for fans of Rage and Rise Against. If that’s you, check out Blank Canvas, out August 5.

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