Northern California based Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi Releases New EP Rooted Clarity

Katie Garibaldi is a San Francisco based Singer/Songwriter who has recently released her brand new EP, Rooted Clarity.

If you are not a follower of folk music you may not have ever of heard of Katie Garibaldi, but Katie is one of those singers who’s beautiful voice blends so well with her music you will find your self swaying, smiling and sensing she is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. She has been named a Music Connection magazine Top 100 Live Unsigned Artist and is an active voting member of the Recording Academy.  Katie is a “delightful” treat for any lover of Americana, Folk and pure country.


Katie Garibaldi’s new EP, Rooted Clarity, is a bit of a departure from the singer/songwriter’s latest countrified and love-story centered Follow Your Heart album, with a return to her folk-driven roots, a fresh orchestral vibe featuring a mix of classical and country string players, and songs that focus on self-discovery and faith. With an effectively effortless-sounding and moving production, the record smartly spotlights Garibaldi’s trademark soulful and compelling vocals—a sweet soprano that weaves between airy and operatic, taking the listener into the emotional depths of the stories told in these five brand new original songs.

Branching away from her previous countrified album, Follow Your Heart, Katie returns to her folk‐driven roots with songs that focus on self‐discovery and faith. “These wonderfully crafted songs will make you catch your breath and trap your heart” (Raw Ramp Magazine). The EP brings a mix of classical and country strings together to bring an effective and effortless sound that perfectly highlights Garibaldi’s trademark, soulful voice. The Daily Country says, “Garibaldi’s light as a feather vocals exude a strength that makes you want to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams and most importantly, gives you the courage, and clarity, to be yourself, trust yourself and allow yourself to fly.” The sweet soprano weaves between airy and operatic delving into the emotional depths of the stories behind these five brand new original songs, one of which, “I Am”, premiered on The Boot, the top source for the latest in country music. Elmore Magazine describes Katie’s sound as, “sweet, smooth music that is equal parts old‐school pop princess and folk songstress,” and says that her EP, Rooted Clarity“focuses mainly on the Americana aspect with melody, choral instrumentals, and roots rhythms.” 

Stream Rooted Clarity now and learn more about Katie by visiting her website







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