Third Place Are Gearing Up To Release Their New EP ‘Rise Of Chaos’!

Third Place are gearing up to release their new EP ‘Rise Of Chaos.  The theatrical pop rock band is set to release their six track EP on the 12th August. They have also released their new video single called ‘Temptation’.

Third Place formed in 2008 and have been through a few members since their inception. Nick started the band back in 2005.

The Montreal QC based four piece consists of Nick Mayer (vocal), Corey Shane Parkinson (bass/vocals), Frank Rainville (guitar/vocals) and Steven Cope (drum) and pride themselves on their energy and theatrical shows.Theatrical pop rock outfit, Third Place are set to release their new EP ‘Rise Of Chaos’ on the 12th August. The band played a long time as a garage band and in 2008 decided Third Place was serious deal.

When talking about ‘Rise Of Chaos’, Corey stated: “This EP was a very different process than the last album. We ruled a NO BARRIERS process and made sure to go with the flow. We wrote 24 demos and with help from our producer Luc Tellier we picked six to become songs…hard decisions but were positive we made the right song choices. A change of drummer during the writing, recording process made everything that much scarier. Though it worked out in the end, Steven is an amazing drummer. All in all we are very proud of ‘Rise of Chaos’.

“’Rise of Chaos’ is the story of King Chaos! It’s a short resume about his upbringing and how he became a Villain.”

Along with the news of their upcoming EP, Third Place have also released their new single ‘Temptation’ taken from their forthcoming record.

Third Place went on to talk about their new single, “Our single ‘Temptation’ isn’t just a banger, It’s relatable… Not everyone is perfect ( other than Corey ). Everyone has those moments of weakness and temptation.”


Members: Nicolas Mayer – Lead singer/Piano Francis Rainville – Guitar/Vocals Corey Shane – Bass/Vocals Steven Cope – Drums Martin Carameaux

‘Rise Of Chaos’ is a six track release:




Pre – order ‘Rise Of Chaos’:


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