Take Back the Power with Manchester’s Naomi

We’ve been sticking in the states on Tuesday, but today we’re heading over to Manchester to talk to Naomi.

She’s a singer-songwriter who’s been on this great earth no longer than two decades, but has an impeccable amount of talent that can be found on her latest release; Take Back The Power. We talked to her about the record, where she plans on going with things and much, much more.

Kendra: Still being fairly young, do you or your family worry about the pressure the industry puts on people of particular age to?

Naomi: I guess a lot of pressure can be put on young people in this industry, but thankfully I haven’t come across all that much because I’m surrounded by a great team of people who I can communicate easily with. My family don’t worry so much because they know the people I work with and they have a good relationship with them.

Kendra: Speaking of, was your family always supportive of your creative endeavors?

Naomi: Yes! I grew up in a very musical family and so I’ve always been encouraged to play and create music. My family are always excited to hear a new song of mine and have driven me up and down the country to help me pursue a career in music.

Kendra: How did a song for a music exam lead you to TV for the first time?

Naomi: I used to send songs I’d written to anyone and everyone, often getting either no response at all or just the whole ‘you’re not ready yet’. After writing a song for my music coursework, I just did the same as I did with every song and sent to a load of people in the industry. This one got a response with one guy, who put me in touch with someone else. And then it just began to spiral and I had the most incredible experiences in such quick succession. Going in a proper studio for the first time, being on the radio and of course on national TV. It was an incredible introduction to the industry.

Kendra: So far you’ve had quite the success in the UK. Is this the year you plan on taking over the rest of the world?

Naomi: I really hope so! I have so much excitement about my new album and I just can’t wait to share it with the world.

Kendra: Which it is likely with your EP, Take Back the Power. Before we get to the title track, I wanted you to talk a bit about “Didn’t Make the Grade.” What’s the story behind that one?

Naomi: “Didn’t Make the Grade” is a song about that moment when you realize the spark of a relationship has gone forever and that it’s not fair on either person to proceed. It’s a sad song, it was sad to write and record but I’m really proud of what we produced because it really captures the emotion of that feeling of a relationship that hasn’t worked out the way you hoped.

Kendra: Now onto the title track, you have the original version on the EP, as well as a couple of remixes. How did you decide who to work with when it came time to remix the track, and why remix it twice over?

Naomi: George Bowie and Gordy Goudie are both amazing producers and when we were discussing the idea of a remix and both these guys were on the table it was impossible to choose between them. Each remix completely reinvented the song in a different way and so I thought two remixes that were so different would offer a different vibe to Take Back The Power that didn’t come across in the original track.

Kendra: Will you be heading to the states at all this year to play shows?

Naomi: Going to the US to play music is something I want to do so much, but the planning and logistics involved makes it a complicated thing. I really hope to be over there some time soon playing music.

Kendra: Going back to the UK and your scene there, are there any local artists you’ve met through playing local shows that you are currently loving and would like to share with our readers?

Naomi: One of the most talented musicians I’ve ever known is Byron Wilson. I play with him during a lot of my live life performances and he’s incredible. He plays a tonne of instruments and is a great performer and has lot of other musical projects that are great.

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