Yishay: Trinity Tapes II

South Central LA is known for a lot of things and when it comes to music, one’s mind usually lands on the gangster rap that was born in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Yishay does not sound like that, but it’s clear that the place he calls home has had an influence on him as he delivers hip hop infused rock music that makes you yearn for an EDM show at the end of the day with his latest release, Trinity Tapes II.

“Home” is an okay track that sits at the end of the record. After the other two though, it kind of is like something you don’t really care to, ironically, write home about. That’s not the case with the songs that come before it though. With “Night Games” sounds like if you stripped away the aggressive rock and the rhymes from Linkin Park and were left with only Chester Bennington singing. The best though came with “Friend Of Mine (Phineas Gage).” Gage being the man I think most of us learn about growing up, or at least see in a school book, that got that metal rod through his eye and frontal lobe – which caused for some significant mental changes after his accident. An interesting story to draw from as you pen a song, but it works. What also works is arrangement. Going back to the Linkin Park aspect, it’s like the child of early millennium nu metal intertwined with the ambiance of EDM.

What Yishay does is not the typical sound you’d hear coming straight out of South Central LA, but that doesn’t mean he’s abandoned the music that has made that part of this city so fruitful. Those who want music that has a bewitching quality to it thanks to the combinations of hip hop, progressive rock and more can check out Yishay’s Trinity Tapes II – out now.

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