The Soap Girls – Bad Bitch official video released!

From Cape Town, South Africa
Genre: Punk/Grunge

With so many most excellent female-fronted bands out there it is not easy to find a group that stands out from the rest, at least that’s how we felt before we discovered two amazing up and coming talented girls from South Afrika, Ca(Mille) and Noe(MIE) Debray, otherwise known as the Soup Girls.

The Soup Girls are true “music rebels” . They are hot, sexy,  raw, real, gutsy, innovative and thoroughly … trendsetting, and they perform and sing about things that would often be down played or muted by your average chick rocker band.

The girls have been performing since the ages of nine and ten with music being a huge part of their lives in their homeland of South Africa. Back in the day you could easily have found them entertaining the masses as they walked past. But the girls weren’t just singing and dancing at that age, they were pitching handmade soap for various charities, and almost singing for their next meal.

Their latest single, Bad Bitch, was written, composed,arranged and performed by The SoapGirls and was released in the UK.

Bad Bitch was written 2 days after The SoapGirls were attacked in Hastings, resulting in a “very emotional and very raw” song. This unprovoked attack, involved sexist abuse and took place when The SoapGirls were performing live, with the perpetrators throwing copious amounts of red liquid over the band. “We hated not being able to fight back and still suffer a lot of anxiety when we are performing as a result of what happened, I became slightly jaded and Bad Bitch was born after we decided we would never take shit from anyone ever again!!”

Bad Bitch is now available for download…

The Soap Girls are currently on the road with dates being confirmed as we speak, across the UK and Europe. Check your local listings and keep up-to-date with the band via the links below and be sure to catch them during their May-November 2016 rock rage!





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