California Goes Country with Eileen Carey

We’ve had some country artists come through here and that’s because while we may be in California, it’s not too rare to find that sound within the confines of this city.

That’s where Eileen Carey comes into play. A country pop artist who balanced her time on stage playing music with her life as a mother and wife off stage. You can often find her playing shows from notable venues to some of our favorite annual fairs. Now find out more about Eileen as she opens up about Nashville, the scent of her songs and more…

Kendra: Living in Pasadena, you’re a world away from the country mecca that is Nashville. Have you ever thought of relocating there?

Eileen Carey: Of course. Nashville is always great! But I grew up in Cleveland, and I know what it is like to live in the middle of the country. Couple years ago when I was performing at the Country Radio Seminar in February it was so cold that it put my Nashville publicist in the hospital with pneumonia, and she lives there. Year before, we were rushed into an underground parking facility straight off Rippy’s stage for a hurricane. We are blessed in Southern California. In many ways. Most of my family lives in California and I have been in Altadena for years. Been playing the California fairs and festivals my whole career. Love it here!

Kendra: Thanks to the likes of Garth and Shania, country got introduced to the pop realm. We’re well aware of how they balance between the two – but how do you personally take on finding that in your own music?

Eileen: Being labeled “country” was an accident of radio. I grew up on pop music; Beatles, Pretenders, Motels…Sheryl Crow, etc. I recorded a song called “That Town” which got picked up by country radio so I continued on that journey and arranged my tunes for country radio at the time. All four of my CDs have had crossover to Adult Contemporary and Top 40 success from the beginning of my career as well. One of my L.A. Music Awards was for “Americana Album of the Year,” called Movin On in 2009, though the single which also won “Single of the Year” was country and written by Keith Urban and Vernon Rust and came to me through a Nashville song publisher.

Kendra: Your latest single, “In the Air,” is all about love being more inspiring than hate – which is what we need to hear more of today. In your life, what love has been the most inspiring?

Eileen: I am very fortunate. I have a loving and supportive husband and two wonderful girls. I have a large family of friends who show their love by the amazing effort we all put into the rescue of the county’s feral cats. If you want to see love in action meet these people in rescue communities, and you will see the loving side of humans.

Kendra: Now, will we hear that single on a new album soon?

Eileen: I am planning to release a new album this winter. Travis Allen Childress, my producer and I, are deep into its creation now. More about that release will be coming shortly, but we are both perfectionists so I cannot yet give you folks a definitive date yet.

Kendra: Going back to your previous release, Let It Go, I fell for “Bottle Your Crazy Up.” With that, I was wondering if you had to bottle your crazy side up and make a fragrance, what would it smell like?

Eileen: A breathe of fresh air. The fragrance of confidence, positive attitude and happiness.

Kendra: Other than music, you are also a bit of a TV star due to the site you started When and why were you inspired to start that up?

Eileen: So many moms in the work world these days. This is very true of women in music. I have had the experience of raising children while pursuing my dreams. I have been enormously successful in my life, and I wanted to give something back. What better way to be of service than to create a blog on my experiences in music and motherhood? A place where women can come and get inspiration, find resources and have their say.

Kendra: Back to the music. You recently played the OC Fair. How was that?

Eileen: I love the OC Fair. Have a great time there. So does my band. We usually hang around and check things out, and eat crazy food. Had a pork chop on a stick last Friday afternoon there. It was really good! Playing Fairs is great! Kids wear your t-shirts, and sing along with your songs. Old folks dance. It is real American. We especially love the animal exhibitions, the stilt walkers; and this year we found ourselves looking at alternative cooling devices and home installed saunas. Every year there is something new to learn and do.

Kendra: Will you be playing more before the year’s done?

Eileen: Absolutely! I am opening for the Nelsons at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California on September 16th. I just been picked up by a new agent and I am going to be increasing my live appearances the rest of this year, and certainly in 2017. I love performing! It is on stage that I am most myself, and most comfortable.

Kendra: Country music is such a genuine scene that seems to care about one another with all their hearts. With that, are there any up and coming country pop artists you are loving right now that you think our readers should check out?

Eileen: Wow, Right now I’m enjoying pop and alternative rock music. I know that this is a little far from the country-pop scene, but I am liking some of the lyrics and story lines from the alternative artists. They relate more to the younger music fans. I have been listening to KROQ here in Los Angeles. I really like “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots. The lyrics are clever, and the story is one that we can all relate to.

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