Overcoming Heartbreak and Hitting Milestones with Caught Up In A Dream

Falling in love is great when everything is going well. Fights are common, even dry spells and those are never anything to get too worked up about. Then there comes the point in some relationships when it turns into a horror show. Hearts are broken, feelings are hurt and more often than not one of the parties is left feeling helpless. That was the case for the man behind Caught Up In A Dream, Dylan Bowers.

A man with a pop punk past that eventually faded and rose into a solo career, Dylan took what he knew about music and songwriting and really put himself into it during one of the two times he headed to college. Hey, I fully support those who want to skip the student loans and four years of “hmm, was this the right choice?” University life wasn’t for him, but he knew deep down inside that music was – so that’s where he remains today. Now let’s get to know a little more about Dylan Bowers otherwise known as Caught Up In A Dream.

Kendra: At what point when you were in college did you realize that it just wasn’t your cup of tea?

Caught Up In A Dream: It was at my second try at going to school that I realized I couldn’t do it anymore. I left the first time because I personally felt I was too immature for college. The second time around I honestly went because I felt it was my only way. I thought I would be happier going to school and getting a degree. I did pretty well in school the second time around, but shortly after a relationship of mine ended I just lost all motivation. The ritual of going to class and doing homework just was eating at me.

Kendra: Did you leave school right away, or did you stick it out for the degree and then start pursuing music?

Caught Up In A Dream: Right away, I left before my lease was up, and just held on to it and eventually got all my stuff and moved out. At this point I was so over the school that I just needed out, and so I made a rash. but self healing decision.

Kendra: You’ve been through a lot in your life, what’s been the hardest bump in the road to overcome?

Caught Up In A Dream: The absolute hardest bump to overcome this far in my life was when I let my emotional happiness be determined by a significant other. I still don’t feel I have fully recovered. I have moved on and happy with life, but my overall outlook and trust in people has never been the same.

Kendra: Of course music was there to help ease everything, other than the music you created – what song or band did you turn to for solace when you were down and out?

Caught Up In A Dream: An artist that has always stuck through with me from the age of 14 were Brand New, Bayside, The Early November and I Can Make a Mess. I really enjoyed Transit when I was going through some rough patches. I have to say though Anthony from Bayside’s solo stuff just gets to me I constantly listen to it.

Kendra: Now onto the music you’ve made. Your latest, Mountains & Milestones, has a lot of emotion and heart wrapped up inside. Are the songs that made the record ones you wrote just for that, or are some of them from the past that made their way on there?

Caught Up In A Dream: Most of the songs on Mountains & Milestones were written in the same time span like “Reoccurring Arguments,” “West” and “Mountains & Milestones” they were all written about what I thought and saw at that moment in time. “If You Were a Deer,” “That’s It” and “Walk Away” are all stories from the past but they all tie into who I am today. These are my “Mountains & Milestones”. As cheesy as that might sounds, it is the truth!

Kendra: Going off the record, what is one “Reoccurring Argument” that you’ve had in your life?

Caught Up In A Dream: This is a great question, My “Reoccurring Arguments” might be similar to millions of people out there. Money, family issues, love, looking for meaning, self doubt, anxiety. This list could go on forever. In life we have the same arguments with our inner selves daily. Some are silly, some are deep, emotionally driven thoughts; “Should I wash the dishes now or later?” or “Should I get a loan for school and hope this is what makes me happy?” it can be as simple as, “How do I pay my rent?”

Kendra: Moving on to some tour talk. You landed on a date of Warped Tour this summer. What was that like?

Caught Up In A Dream: That was like the taste of a dream come true. The Ernie Ball “Batlte of the Bands” is an amazing thing and it is great they have this every year! What I got most out of that was motivation to work even harder and get better and better live. I also learned how to interact better with people. It was truly an opportunity I was grateful to be considered for.

Kendra: After that you’re next tour with Brian Milligram you’re going back to working on some new things for next year. Can you let us know what we can expect come 2016 from you?

Caught Up In A Dream: I have a lot in my head for 2016. I am always writing and next year I want to get some new songs out. I am planning on doing another music video for “West” and am hoping to get that out by early 2016.

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