Luke Potter, Your New Pop Prescription

Is your iTunes feeling a little drab? Perhaps because you haven’t had any feel-good pop in there since Justin Timberlake dropped that song from this fall’s Trolls.

Yeah, that may be it because you know what? Everyone needs dose of nonsensical pop in their lives more often than not to keep a pep in their step and we’ve got just the musical medicine to cure that drooping music collection – Luke Potter. A pop artist from the UK with more than his skills up his sleeve as he’s taking initiative with charity work for a great cause. He talked of both of those things and more, enjoy!

Kendra: Your influences range from the rock of Jimmy Eat World to the more adult contemporary ways of Goo Goo Dolls, but you’ve got this very vibrant pop sound. How’d that happen?

Luke Potter: I’m absolutely in love with rock music but for me it’s all about the song. Jimmy Eat World actually write great pop songs but they produce them with a pop rock or even sometimes a power pop style. When I first started writing I think my melodies revolved more around that type of music but more in a singer-songwriter fashion.

Then, with my first album, “So Sugar,” I worked with a producer called Bleu in LA and the songs got more power pop. From that time a couple of years ago I’ve really worked on writing and producing 3-minute pop songs. It is such a great challenge and that’s something I’m really up for! And it’s fun producing them in different styles. As a songwriter I don’t want to get tied into any genre so that means it’s what works for the song!

Kendra: Listening to you, I was reminded of the better songs from boy bands of the 90’s (I’m old, forgive me). Did you ever find yourself with a love for any of those boy bands either from then or now?

Luke: Haha! I actually remember being a huge S Club 7 fan when I was younger! They’re not a boy band, but I think that’s the closest I can get! I met Justin Timberlake once when we shared the same management and I have to say I actually quite liked a few N’SYNC songs. And Take That have produced a quite few amazing songs too that, as a songwriter, I can really appreciate.

Kendra: Let’s talk about “All the Same.” When the song was said and done in the studio, did you do anything to celebrate?

Luke: I wrote and recorded the song with two of my best friends over from Sweden. The song took about a day to write and record and we went out and had a meal that evening. We really were very psyched about it and the response to it has been great.

Kendra: Now the video for it, were those your friends dancing about at all? Either way, it looked like a fun day on set.

Luke: It was a really great day! We filmed the whole thing in the YouTube Studios in London and I enjoyed the whole dancing thing once I’d relaxed. Have to thank Corry and John who directed the video for getting me to dance! I was absolutely blown away with the level and quality of the other guys who appeared in the video. I only met them on the day but they are all incredibly talented dancers.

Kendra: Do you have any more music coming out this year, or are we going to have to wait until 2017?

Luke: I do! I intend on releasing a few more singles before the year is up! I’ve even filmed the next video for a song called “Something More” which is a real heart on my sleeve song. And I’ve also been working on a secret project, which I can’t wait to share. More about that September time I hope.

Kendra: On a serious note, you are an advocate for bringing awareness to male suicide with your hashtag, #itsokaytotalk. Why and when did that start up?

Luke: I’m actually an ambassador for an Australian charity, The Official Top Ten Night (TOTTN) that helps people who are feeling suicidal. I can’t think of anything worse than people who are in such a bad place that they don’t want to live any more and might seek to take their own life.

I noticed a lot of different people were getting behind that hashtag and it was something that I feel needs to be talked about. I feel a lot of guys are scared to talk about how they really feel so I just wanted to be a part of trying to help.

Kendra: Will you be doing more with that campaign as the year goes on?

Luke: Yes, I think so I’m certainly going to be working with TOTTN on a variety of projects that they have planned.

Kendra: What about musically, what can we expect as we end 2016 and start 2017?

Luke: Well, I’m going to be going out playing a lot, and releasing lots of new music very sooooon!!!

Kendra: Out in the UK pop scene, are there any up and coming artists you’ve met that you think our readers would love?

Luke: My old college teacher and now extremely good friend Ryan Inglis is an exceptional talent! I think everyone would love him and his songs. And I’d love for more people to discover Bleu who’s out in LA and I’ve been lucky enough to work with. He is an amazing artist and producer!

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