Tom Jarvis is a Wonder and That’s No Lie

It seems like Coming Up has been on a bit of a road trip this week.

After Monday we hit Japan with Sekai No Owari (End of the World) to tell you about their LA debut and to talk with them about it, then we introduced you to pop’s latest Luke Potter from the UK and today we have a singer-songwriter who also calls the United Kingdom home; Tom Jarvis. Last month he dropped a double-sided single and with it came a pair of tracks that both leave you in a good mood when said and done.

Starting with “Ordinary Lie,” you can hear that this man writes from a personal perspective but gives it an overall universal touch so that you, me and that guy down the street can relate. It’s all about honesty, which we all could use a bit more of in own lives. A well made song that is only made better by lead single, “Wonder of Time.” What this gave off what a John Mayer meets Ryan Adams feel. Strong in the lyrics, but verging on pop enough that mainstream audiences would want a piece of it in a big way like Ed Sheeran when he started out and before he met up with Pharrell and things took a hip hop like turn.

Looking at the schedule, we’ll be back in LA come tomorrow but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop bringing you great acts from all over the world be it Japan or a couple of sweet serenaders from the UK – Tom Jarvis being the latest on our list of out of town favorites that we can’t get enough of. If you like that singer-songwriter vibe, check out his double-single, out now.

For more info about Tom Jarvis visit his website at

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