Neighborhood Mixtape: Beverly Hills

Have you ever wanted to feel fancy? Then you must have hopped in the car or taken the bus down to Beverly Hills and walked around for a second or two? Perhaps you went to Sprinkles (one of the most affordable places there besides the Rite-Aid on the edge), or maybe you splurged on Rodeo. Whatever you did you noticed that this is one of the richest neighborhoods in the LA area and that’s why we had to class it up a bit when it came to songs that remind us of that part of town.

Paris Hilton wasn’t always the greatest, but she has since calmed her ways and is now a sought after DJ but we couldn’t forget her singing career. Then of course a TV show we’re sure Paris would have tried to be a part of if old enough at the time, as well as a song that has the name of the city in its title – so we couldn’t ignore. Of course this mixtape would not be complete without a little homage to bling, as well as a video that showcases the actual neighborhoods found there.

Paris Hilton “Stars are Blind”

Weezer “Beverly Hills”

Beverly Hills 90210 Theme Song

Juvenile & Lil Wayne “Bling Bling”

Lil Dicky “$ave Dat Money”

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