Music Monday: All Over the Place!

Last week we were mostly centered in The OC area with a few big shows. This week though there’s only one huge event going on down there and it’s none other than the SoCal legend himself, Snoop!

Yup, he’ll he down there with Wiz Khalifa while country superstar Hunter Hayes does his thing up in the Antelope Valley at the Fair. Spend the day riding the rides and eating the fantastic fair food that only comes around this time of year – and then make sure to save up enough energy to watch Hunter cap off the night. If country isn’t your thing, then later in the week you can go back to the 2000’s and check out some of the biggest names in pop from back then. Watch as Nick Lachey and Ryan Cabrera (wonder if they talk about the Simpson sisters at all…) and many others take you on a journey to not too long ago. Speaking of, Culture Club will be owning the Bowl for two days straight, but the biggest show this week is going down this weekend as FYF Festival gets underway with everyone under the sun; Beach House, Air, Grimes, Julien Baker, Kendrick Lamer and many, many more.

Hunter Hayes at Antelope Valley Fairground on 8/23


My2K Tour at Microsoft Theater on 8/25


Snoop Dogg at Irvine Meadows on 8/25


Culture Club at Hollywood Bowl on 8/26-27


FYF Festival at Memorial Coliseum Exposition Park on 8/27-28


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