The Furious Seasons: Look West

It’s never too early to plan ahead. The Furious Seasons won’t be dropping their new album for a couple of months but we couldn’t keep our thoughts about it to ourselves any longer. Look West sounds like somewhat of a love note to the easygoing ways of the west coast. When you strip away the traffic, the high cost of living and the people who constantly remind you “they’re in the business,” you have one of the most endearing places on earth. Perfect weather, picturesque landscapes and musicians like The Furious Seasons who know that and have captured that essence in their folk meets pop record.

At first, “Longshot” made me think the fast talking member of Barenaked Ladies had started a new band, but it was not. They shared a similar cadence in their delivery – but anyways it was like a somber Barenaked Ladies song without the quick tongue. As the record played on, they came into their own, and while they stated, “I’m never leaving LA” in “Sadly Matched,” “A Thing To Behold” sounded inspired a bit by the south western part of the US. All in all the folk played more often than the pop and because of that, it came the album this mature feel all around that fans of The Byrds and Leonard Cohen would enjoy.

So now it’s time to mark your calendar for October 7. That’s when Look West will be ready and available for consumption. The day after they drop their fifth release, they’ll be opening up for Donovan on his Sunshine Superman Tour at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. For more, check out The Furious Seasons online.

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