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The Troubles Of A Handsome Man

Genre: Indie Folk, Rock

From: Modesto California

Falling somewhere in that perfect gap between folk and punk rock, The Troubles Of A Handsome Man have found the perfect sound to match the story telling nature of their songs.

They have taken a few different forms over the past 5 years but never really found their footing until 2015. With chord driven folk riffs, classic rock inspired bass lines and a backbone of punk rock, they have put together a style that spans multiple genres.

Their Self Titled debut release is 6 songs that take you from a damaged intern to the loss of a close friend.  The lyrics paint a picture spanning a wide variety of emotions that become enhanced with the instrumentation and song structure.  The stripped down punk feel that of Violent Femmes is augmented with fiddle straight out of a classic country showcase.

TTOAHM Self Titled Ep is released by Way Grimace Records and Ronald Records.  A small limited edition of cassettes are also available through The Self titled EP is also available at all major digital stores.


Members: Cole Rambo – Guitar/vocals Kyle Westall – Bass/vocals Clay Ruddy – Fiddle/everything else







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