Rachel Mason Announces her New Single Tigers in the Dark

Renowned performance artist and musician Rachel Mason, freshly signed to Los Angeles-based Cleopatra Records, has announced her forthcoming single ‘Tigers in the Dark’, along with an accompanying video, directed by Matthew Spiegelman and choreographed by Haylee Nichele.

This is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘Das Ram’. The single, which is due out on September 9, will be followed by the ‘Das Ram’ LP, to be released digitally by Cleopatra Records and on limited edition cassette by Practical Records.

This song is written from the voice of an imaginary animal-human hybrid, who expresses the idea that real life only occurs on the stage, as it represents the creative dimension where everything is possible.

This video’s first screening took place during an immersive theatrical performance at LTD Los Angeles, which involved infamous DJ Rodney Bingenheimer (a.k.a. Rodney on the Roq) and a virtual reincarnation of his legendary English Disco.

Mason has shared stages, toured and collaborated with numerous artists, including Sharon Von Etten, Jennifer Herrema (RTX), Phosphorescent, Devendra Banhardt, Prince Rama, Light Asylum, Josephine Foster, Diane Cluck, and Excepter. She has also exhibited sculpture, video and performance art at many of the country’s leading art galleries.

She is currently co-directing a documentary feature on Circus of Books, the notorious adult bookstores owned by her parents, which played a major role in the Silver Lake and Hollywood music scenes and gay culture. Her ‘Starseeds’ Art Project was recently exhibited at LTD Los Angeles.

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Aug. 12  – HM157, Los Angeles – ‘Surrealist Fantasy’ 9-Year Anniversary (with The Centimeters)

Sept. 2 – HM157, Los Angeles (L.A. Drones Album Release)

Sept. 12-17 – Monkey Town, Los Angeles (1-week residency)

Until Aug. 14 – ‘Starseeds’ Art Project on view at LTD Los Angeles


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