Deep Sea Diver Deliver Your “Fantasy” as They Cover a Mariah Classic

Love her or hate her – you respect the hell out out her because she is Mariah Carey and despite what anyone thinks, to say she cannot sing and is not the voice of a generation is absolutely insane. She created songs that could still crush pop songs released today. Really though, “Heartbreaker” could kill anything by the likes of Selena Gomez or Meghan Trainor. I know this, and I’m sure Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver would likely agree. This band did something it’s not advised to do on shows like The Voice and American Idol (RIP) – they went and covered the songstress. While most would fail because it’s impossible to embody Mariah – they actually succeeded at taking a well known song and making it their own.

Giving it this cool, chic electronic meets indie pop makeover…it sounds like something between the two Jonas Brothers still making music. It has the sensual textures of Nick Jonas but the energy and spirit of Joe’s DNCE. All in all, as someone who grew up absolutely adoring Mariah, I would give this cover an A+. They didn’t try to copy her, they actually went and did it their way, reinventing it for a new generation to take notice. Hopefully fans will get to hear Deep Sea Diver play this one live when they head out on tour September 4 in their hometown of Seattle, WA at the Bumbershoot Festival. After that they’ll be in Oregon at Hifi Music Hall on the 6th for a couple of weeks, winding down in Boise, ID in the middle of the month.


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