Ceasefire Take Us on a “Joyride”

One of the bands I miss dearly not because they were a personal favorite or because I bought tickets to every show, but more so because of their ability to always be on point with their singles that’d flood my space is The Killers.

Not a big enough fan to look into where they are or what they’re up to, I’ll just sit back and let a new band come in and pick up where they left off. There is less drama to be found in Ceasefire. Their lead does not have that same Mad Men like stance as Brandon Flowers, but what he does have is a knack for captivation. With their take on pop rock, they bring a novel touch to the genre with their latest single “Joyride.”

Catchy in all the right places, “Joyride” definitely “takes you to the place you’ve never seen” within one listen. They know how to write and deliver a hook and they run with it the whole way through. The choruses guide while the verses keep you planted, waiting for that burst of energy with break. Coming from Orange County, it’s not that much of a surprise. They’ve had their share of rock artists who’ve managed to climb their way into the mainstream with their own take on things; Sublime and No Doubt for example. Unlike those two though, Ceasefire don’t dabble in any sort of reggae nature. They’re straight laced pop rock that could land them on tours with the likes of everyone from Coldplay – which they’d liven up that crowd, to the 1975.

You can check out “Joyride,” out now, and an interview with Ceasefire below.

Kendra: With a very pop-infused rock sound, did you grow up immersed in mainstream pop like Britney or Backstreet Boys at all?

Ceasefire: We are influenced by all genres of music and we absolutely love Britney and her new work. Our main influences though are more up the vein of classic artist like David Bowie Duran Duran, The Cure as well as newer acts like Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, and Snow Patrol.

Kendra: Out in Orange County there are obvious tourist destinations there but where is your favorite place in your area to go and lose yourself for awhile?

Ceasefire: There are definitely some great places in Orange County. For our lose-yourself time, Kamren enjoys taking his motorcycle down PCH and discovering new things at the Farmers Market. While Anthony and Ray enjoy popping around local venues like Saddle Ranch, and The Library, as well as hiking any trails that we can find.

Kendra: How did you guys hook up with Brian Virtue and Ben O’Neill for “Joyride”?

Ceasefire: When we first started the recording process for “JOYRIDE” we wanted to bring someone on board that could help us change things up a bit. We met Ben through Mark Needham, (mixer for many of our songs including Joyride) and developed a great working relationship with him. We were honored to have him apart of the song.  As for Brian, we had heard some of his work and thought he would be a great fit, so we reached out. He loved the music and the rest is history.

Kendra: Will you guys be playing any shows coming up?

Ceasefire: We were actually just asked by the City of Orange to be apart of their National Voters Day for both Cal State University of Fullerton September 27th and Chapman University October 1st. The Secretary of State will be attending these events as well and so we are honored and humbled to be apart of it.

Kendra: Playing in Southern California you have probably met a lot of up and coming artists – are there any you’d like to shout out that you think our readers should check out?

Ceasefire: We have played a lot of shows with a lot of great up and coming artists. We have a lot of respect for the arts and would just like to give a shout out to anyone that’s out there following his or her dreams. Keep pushing forward, and keeping fighting for what you believe in.

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