The Hip Hop Shop: Swisha Kid

While Swisha Kid may have recently relocated his game to Arizona, we’re still showing him love this week as a hometown favorite here in Southern California as we came to know him when he was rhyming in the valley in Van Nuys.

It wasn’t too long ago, but now everything from this emcee is anew as he’s working on new music and more.

Kendra: Can you recall the first rhyme you ever wrote? Please share with us if you can, or at least let us know what it was about.

Swisha Kid: I don’t remember the first actual rhyme I wrote, but I used to rap about silly stuff. I was influenced by Eminem, Ludacris and just a lot of punchline rappers in my beginning stages.

Kendra: How has being in the valley o f Los Angeles influenced your sound, if at all?

Swisha Kid: I’m more inspired by just all around good music. I never wanted to get stuck in the category of a “valley artist” so I’ve always tried to keep it different and hopefully push other valley artist to do the same.

Kendra: Are you close with other emcees in the underground LA hip hop scene?

Swisha Kid: I wouldn’t say close, but I have a few friends I work with on a regular basis. I have a few good acquaintances I’d like to work with. My good friend Young Cory is one artist/CEO I work and converse with over new ideas and ways to branch out. I moved to Arizona beginning of this year so I’ve been making some new connections out there such as Vee Tha Rula, Benji, J OneSpeed, Bouji, Swerve Baller. And a few other dope artist from all over.

Kendra: With how fast information moves nowadays, are you more careful with what you write and rap about?

Swisha Kid: I try to make every song worth something. So I’m not as careful with what I say for the public, more so with the people that are really involved in my life that the songs may affect what I say.

Kendra: Lastly, what’s coming up for you in the coming months?

Swisha Kid: I’m in the middle of working on my new project Live From The Morgue. I just dropped the first single with a video out now on YouTube “Everything Go.” Gonna be shooting more videos and working on getting new merchandise out to the fans.

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