Elevating Together – Introducing Debonair Dom

Debonair Dom is Coming Up

Genre: Soul, Hip Hop, New Chic, R&B

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland


Debonair Dom who’s Real Name Dominick Bozeman, is an independent creative-songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland (currently living in the DC-Metropolitan area). With an unique and fresh style all of his own and a desire to personally connect with each of his fans, Debonair is diligently making a breakthrough for himself and his brand and is currently on the Come Up.

Since introducing himself through his October 2015 EP release, VENTI, the soulful lyricist-story teller has continued to elevate his craft in writing and sound. Songs reflecting that soulful sound includes: “Could It Be” featuring the fellow Baltimore native Phillip Hartley and the ever smooth imaginative tale “Crime Scene’. Poised to take his music career to the next level, Debonair recently released his new single “E L E V A T E” from his forthcoming project, produced by Ryan “TopSecret” Anderson and longtime friend turned vocalist Jaela “J A E” Goodman. Strongly influenced by his own personal experiences, lifestyle, and beliefs, “E L E V A T E” paints a clear picture on the type of relationship he believes in building. In his words, “It seems as if everything and in particular, relationships, moves so fast today which I believe contributes to many issues we see within society”.

Besides creating and producing fantastic music, Debonair, with his mentor Ryan Leslie, Founder/CEO of Superphone Technology, hopes to change the way musicians relate to and connect with their fans by engaging  with his new listeners and  building dialogue directly with them via text and by phone.  (Go ahead – send Dom a text or call and tell him you heard about him on Coming Up Magazine +1-410-983-3711).

To learn more about Debonair Check out this video;




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