Dream Pop Artist Bonne Finken Releases Speak to Me Single and Music Video

Bonne Finken from new Music Video "Speak to Me"

Genre: Rock/Dream Pop

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Des Moines-based up and coming indie pop artist, Bonne Finken recently released a powerful new single and music video “Speak to Me”

To hear her sing, you’d never know Bonne Finken was once a shy, small-town-Iowa girl. Her confident, passionate vocals demand the attention she used to studiously avoid. As Finken embarks on her new found sBonne Finken 4elf empowered musical crusade,  she is set to reveal her most ambitious, honest, and vulnerable release to date in “Speak to Me”.

Bonne Finken was born to sing, and has been a professional vocalist since 2005. But it took a battle with cancer to really  get her in gear. Once she got the word from doctors saying she was cancer-free, she wasted no time, joining her first band only a few weeks later. With no previous musical training, Finken taught herself everything she knows today, learning by ear and writing her own music.

Speak to Me revisits Bonne’s emotional challenges and ultimate breakthrough over her creative side while creating her recent work.

“When I decided to let my brain go there again – specifically, when I decided I’d go ahead and make another album – and take on all the joy and frustration and debt and stress and beauty that comes with being an independent musical artist – I sat down and literally thought to myself “Okay world – here we go again…speak to me”.  So the lyrics are very much about my need and search for real inspiration.”Bonne Finken up and coming

Her “Speak to Me ” music video is a powerful testimony to the singers incredible talent as a singer and as a performer. She moves through the video in a dark and an emerging manner, beginning in muted and shadowy space wearing nothing but a bloody and tattered sheet that must represent the isolation and darkness of the creative process. By the end of the video Bonne has fully transformed into a mighty women, free at last from the restraints that held her back and without a voice.

Bonne Finken is powerful singer with breathtaking beauty and poise. Though I am surprised how few people know of her at the moment, it’s just a matter of time before she emerges into the superstar she already is.


Here is the link to BUY ‘SPEAK TO ME’ FOR 99 CENTS


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