Let’s Talk Advice, Buzznet and Can-Do Attitudes with ‘Let’s Talk Music’s’ Sara Scoggins

Photo Credit: Erica Lauren

A personal pet peeve of mine is when you ask someone why they like a particular song and they say something so generic, you think it’s Nitettime from Walgreens instead of NyQuil.

That’s why the idea of Sara Scoggins’ Let’s Talk Music on idobi Radio struck the right chord with me. She takes her favorites from an array of rock genres, tells stories about them and also has amazing guests along the way like Dashboard Confessional and The Early November. Airing Tuesday nights at 9pm Est on idobi Radio is where you can find her all the time, but right here is where you can find out more about the woman behind the podcast as she talks about the obvious – music, as well as women in the business, sound advice and more.

Kendra: It seems like a lot of people you meet nowadays who are making their way in music got their start at Buzznet. Why do you think that site was such a great platform for starting a career in this industry?

Sara Scoggins: Oh Buzznet was a wonderful place to cultivate a voice and be part of a community. I think we all had a place with our peers to try new things, get feedback, and really discover where we fit in. It was a very encouraging online community.

Kendra: When did you make the jump from music editor to having your own show on idobi?

Sara: That happened about two years ago. The opportunity came to me and I just had to take it. I had to figure out a lot of technical stuff before the show could air, but I had a clear vision of how I wanted the show to feel. A community listening and sharing music each week together.

Kendra: Okay, are you the only woman holding things down on this network?

Sara: Actually we have Eleanor doing a show now and hopefully more soon. I’m sure idobi has more ladies ready to start a show. And we have lots of amazing women on staff doing tons of things. We have more women than ya think!

Photo Credit: Erica Lauren
Photo Credit: Erica Lauren

Kendra: I saw a tweet the other day that reminded me of this. It was something along the lines of superhero teams having few women and making it seem like girls have to compete more to be on the squad while dudes just walk up and join. Do you think that is the case in the music industry? Like women have to go above and beyond while in some cases a guy can just have a friend of a friend and have an “in?”

Sara: In some ways I still feel like I have to prove myself. But in all honesty I’ve really felt empowered by LTM and idobi over the past few years. It just takes a matter of having conviction in what you have to offer a community. And that’s really grown over the past five years. I feel like no matter my sex, my perspective is special and I have a lot to offer. Girls just need to feel empowered that they CAN do anything as long as they’re willing to work hard.

Kendra: With that, what’s your advice to a girl say 15-years-old who is interested in getting involved in music?

Sara: My standard advice is to always talk about what you want loudly and passionately. You never know who is listening. And, then also just have conviction in your perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and just try. Try, try, try!

Kendra: Gender aside, let’s talk about Let’s Talk Music. Did the format for the show come naturally or was it something you worked on with the network?

Sara: That was the easy part. Just sharing music with your friends. I love that the show is live and we can have an instant interaction. I don’t have a cohost so the listeners are critical to the show’s vibe.

Kendra: You have a sort of Storytellers vibe to the show in that you don’t just play the songs, but tell what they mean to you and whatnot. I love that because I cannot stand when people simply just “like a song” and cannot tell you why. Are you the same way?

Sara: I always want to know how a song makes a peer feel – and we have a lot of feelings in the LTM fam, haha. I love when someone writes me an email and shares their experience. Sharing music with my friends is my favorite thing. Context can give a song new meaning, so knowing why it’s special to someone gives it more layers and depth.

Kendra: Speaking of, I checked out your playlist featured in Glamour Magazine and noticed one of my personal favorites, Jimmy eat World’s “The Middle.” As the middle child as well as an adult struggling while watching all her friends continue to surpass her career wise – I actually had a breakdown to it not too long ago. When did you realize it was one of your personal favorites?

Sara: Gah, thanks for reading that! “The Middle” as always been so fun, but the depth of the message started to hit me about 10 years ago. Before I had even moved to LA and felt lost. I felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential. I still turn to that song when I need to hear that it’s okay to be in the process of figuring it out. I always put it on when I feel anxious. I’ll listen to it forever.

Kendra: Back to the show, you’ve had some very notable guests thus far, but who is on your must have or else list?

Sara: I mean having Paramore or Jimmy Eat World would be incredible. I’d also love to talk with Julien Baker, I just adore her. She’s a growing artist that I instantly felt a connection to because she’s so vulnerable in her song writing. She has amazing perspective for someone her age. Would love to talk to her about everything.

Kendra: We usually like to ask artists to shout out a new band or artist they’re loving, but we’d love if you could shout out another show you think your listeners and fans should check out?

Sara: In Frequency, Eleanor’s show!

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