It Was Romance Pays Homage to Fiona Apple with New Video

Lane Moore is a true renaissance woman of the 21st century as she can make you laugh, sing and read as she’s a comedian, singer and writer.

Today though we’re focusing on her vocal chops as she has not only a new video with her band, It Was Romance’s “Hooking Up With Girls,” but a video that looks very similar to one of the most iconic of the 90’s.

The decade that housed the Clinton scandal and a boom in backside appreciation thanks to the growth of hip hop was not void of sexuality. The 90’s was a bit scandalous at times, and we’re not just talking about what happened in the Oval Office. Everyone was talking about sex and exploring it more openly than even perhaps Madonna once did. So when Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” hit MTV we weren’t as much shocked as we were intrigued. Anytime someone who grew up then even hears that word, “criminal,” they can’t help but get a little overzealous as they start giving their best Apple impersonation. That’s where Lane Moore and It Was Romance took it to a whole other level as they recreated the video shot by shot for their own seductive tune, “Hooking Up With Girls.”

While it’s not as striking musically as “Criminal,” as those opening notes of Apple’s single are forever ingrained into my mind, “Hooking Up With Girls,” does have a sensuality to it that makes it appropriate for the imagery recreated in this video that’s as much an homage as anything. If you like the video and are in the New York City area at the end of September, check out It Was Romance at Pianos on the 30th.


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