Mood Robot Haunt in the Best Way with Latest Single, “Ghost”

When electronic music really started to make it’s way into the mainstream all we assumed about it was that it could only be enjoyed at raves in the middle of nowhere with a pacifier in one’s mouth.

We’ve come a long way, as has the genre itself as DJs are Grammy winning artists and producers, and the sound is no longer just all thumping and bumping through the night. Today there is an array of sounds that come with electronic and possibly one of the most appealing to the masses is when introduced to pop as we’ve seen with artists like Zedd and Ellie Goulding, which speaking of – if you took her and tossed in a little of Selena Gomez’s sultry ways you’d have LA’s own electronic trio, Mood Robot.

The trio that recently made their way to New York City for a show at The Bowery Electric at the end of August likely treated concert goers to their latest single, “Ghost.” Taking the electronics Goulding intertwines into her chart topping hits and the playful seduction of Gomez and you have this track in a nutshell. You could hear this one at an array of places like on tour with CHVRCHES or even Demi Lovato. It plays well with either the mainstream or the more alternative scene evenly. Which is why we cannot see what’s to come from Mood Robot as they continue to promote their latest EP, The Story We Tell Ourselves, they dropped back in February of this year.

To check out “Ghost,” Stream it here now

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