G Matthews is “Chasing Happy” in Latest Single

Photo Credit: Robert John, Mike Quain

Smart pop is when you take a catchy song but attach lyrics that have a deeper meaning to them than just dancing the night away.

Demi Lovato evolved into that, and today we’re introducing you to another up and coming artist who is in that same wheelhouse when compared; G Matthews. A backup singer who soon found herself wanting more from life after a telling moment at a No Doubt show, and hearing Gwen Stefani belt out “Trapped in a Box,” G Matthews knew what she had to do. With that she set out to do her own thing and with that came her debut LP, Chasing Happy and it’s latest eponymous single.

“Chasing Happy” has this great soft intro that makes you believe you’re about to get an uptempo Kelly Clarkson track, but when G’s vocals come through you get more of a Fefe Dobson feel. There’s a hint of grit in her delivery but at the same time you can still hear the vulnerability in this song packed full of heart and strength. What I like about this song is that there is a pep in its step that makes you want to move around, but at the same time there is powerful parts have you lightly headbanging where you stand. That balance culminates in a telling but playful track you can listen to repetively. She was recently in New York City playing shows, but being local to Los Angeles – stay tuned for more to come from her as she’s known to play everywhere from The Viper Room to The Mint. So be on the lookout for G Matthews, and check out Chasing Happy, out now.

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