Venue Spotlight: The Forum

Celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, The Forum is a staple in the Los Angeles community.

Once the home of our basketball greats down in Inglewood, it has always been a fine destination for both sports and music but then the ballers left, the music started to get quite – but after a grand makeover recently, the music and more events returned and now some of the biggest names have come through. The late Prince played a ton of shows there in recent years, and pretty soon the likes of Drake, Amy Schumer, and Kanye West are coming through.

While the price of parking can be a bit dismal at times, you can’t deny this is a great venue to take in a grand show. Plus, with the Rams’ coming back to the area in the coming years with the addition of their new stadium, The Forum should be getting even more shows to balance out the must-see events in that part of town.

Contact Info:

Address: 3900 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305
Phone Number: (310) 330-7300
Website: Fabulous Forum


A Favorite Forum Memory

Having only been inside a couple of times, and years before the renovations took place, I cannot speak of what it’s like now but I’ve heard the seats are comfy and the sound is great. So there’s that. I however am going back to the mid-00’s. My Chemical Romance was a big deal and I was a mere college student who believed they were life changing in some sort of way. Today I think of them as more a phase than a favorite, but the memory of this show will always be one of my most cherished for a multitude of reasons.

First off, we got in line early in the morning and if you aren’t in the know – My Chemical Romance fans do not play around and there was a crowd waiting by the time we arrived. With that, security was not taking things like cutting lightly. I remember having to ask to go to the bathroom, walking to a Sizzler nearby who clearly did not want people using their restrooms without buying something, but this was not the time for an all you can eat salad bar. Other than permission to tinkle and upsetting the local business, I don’t remember much else of the wait other than being tired and wanting it to be over with.

Once inside though we managed to find ourselves in the front and the show was great, for that time. The openers escape me, but at the time hearing The Black Parade in full was breathtaking, but what is widely known about this band is that they’re all about the dramatics and instead of a whatever encore, they came out void of their Black Parade get-up and were dressed like they had time traveled from just a few years prior. I for one was excited, but the fan who won the night was the young woman next to us who cried during the Black Parade portion when they performed “Cancer.” I’ll refrain from saying why and just leave it at that.
Will I return to this place one day? I’m not sure as I ride the bus and Los Angeles Metro has not made a lot of places easily accessible at all hours of the day and night for those of us void of vehicles. Maybe perhaps if someone I truly loved played there I’d get an Uber though because I do want to see for myself the makeover the place has had.

Upcoming Shows:

9/7 5 Seconds of Summer
9/10 World Championship Boxing
9/15 Prophets of Rage
9/17 Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas
9/23 Luke Bryan
9/24-25 MANA
9/27-29 Drake
9/30-10/1 Blink-182
10/4 Bad Boy Family Reunion
10/8 Dixie Chicks
10/14 The 1975
10/15-16 Gwen Stefani
10/23 Amy Schumer
10/25-26 & 11/1 Kanye West
10/28 Pepe Aguilar
11/12-13 Mana
11/14 Temple of the Dog
3/23 Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

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