Cristina Lizzul: Percipience

While some disregard pop music as lacking substance, what they don’t realize is that it’s one of the most evolved of the genres.

Starting out with the soda pop ways of the 50’s to the grooves of the 70’s and into the boy bands of the 90’s, it’s definitely made the biggest leap into what the kids are into today. Listening to the pop I grew up on compared to what’s popular now, I feel like I listened to the soundtrack of the Teletubbies. That’s because artists like Cristina Lizzul embrace on records like her EP Percipience is a dreamlike landscape for their music, a sensuality, a coolness that while I love Backstreet Boys and early Britney – they did not have.

With the help of Ru on songs like “Advice” and “Here With You” you get this pop infused R&B sound that makes the tracks lean on their the side of the line fans of The Weeknd and Alessia Cara play on. There are electronic hints strewn about, but not so much as to overpower but just enough to give her tracks a modern feel. With that, “Vibes” gave off a sultry reminder of what Ciara could do back in the day, while “Busy” proved to be radio ready from the start. All the way through Cristina showed a sense of confidence and even some sass with songs like “Medea.” All in all this is what you hear right now in the mainstream and this album contains songs we’ll all be singing along to soon.

Pop music has grown immensely since it’s started and today it does have this more urban cool demeanor to it, and that’s what you’ll find on Cristina Lizzul’s Percipience. If you’re a fan of Jhene Aiko or Sza, this album is ready for you and out now.

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