Practice Makes Perfect with Second Howl’s Natasha Jeanne

Transplants to Los Angeles, Second Howl are a duo with an alternative energy in their step that has them fitting in quite nice around these parts.

A three-time Latin Grammy nominee, their own Natasha Jeanne has the proven chops. So when she and Alex Darren met through mutual friends, their musical sides started to shine through. One thing led to another and after they realized that they saw in her words, “eye to eye on a lot of things and shared the same vision,” they started Second Howl back in 2013. Now they’re ready to take not only LA but the rest of the world in the palm of their hands as they deliver a concoction of goodies. Natasha talked to us about leaving Miami for the left coast, their latest single and more…

Kendra: With a hometown like Miami, was it hard to transition once heading west and settling in LA?

Natasha Jeanne: Not at all. I have always wanted to come out to LA. Of course, I miss my family and friends, but LA has been very welcoming! The music scene here is vibrant and there’s always a hunger for new music.

Kendra: You were nominated for a few Latin Grammys over the years. What made you leave that scene and head more towards the punk side of life?

Natasha: I got lucky enough to have the opportunity to share my music with the world at a very young age and it was an amazing experience. I loved every second of it. I was very young and people change, their musical taste, their beliefs. My music and writing evolved into something that didn’t fit in with that scene any more.

Kendra: Let’s talk about your single, “Hundred Dollar Bills.” From one listen you can tell you two have to be a riot on stage. Do you guys get a lot of practice in or are you more about just going for it on stage?

Natasha: Alex and I are strong believers in practice. Like anything in life, the more you do it the better you get. Now, the energy we have on stage is not something you can rehearse. It comes from the moment, from the energy of the crowd. I really feed off of that.


Kendra: A line I really liked from that track was about this generation being lost. I often feel like people my age are like lost baby ducks. I even seen one university is offering “adulting” classes. Are millennials just not trying?

Natasha: HAHA! Adulting classes, wow. I just feel with all the crap that’s out there we’ve almost become numb to our values and who we CAN become. Everything seems so filtered and cautious now a days. It’s annoying. We are judged by the likes on our Instagrams and are in a constant numbers race. Everyone’s just following the new trend and becoming it. Be original. Be yourself.

Kendra: What’s coming up for you guys this fall? Can we expect some shows in and around LA?

Natasha: We’re about to release a new video for “Hundred Dollar Bills” which we are very excited about. Besides that we’re in the studio cooking up a new tune. There are a couple of shows in the works as well so stay tuned!

Kendra: Having been on both coasts, are there any up and coming artists you’ve fell for in either LA or Miami that you think our readers would like?

Natasha: Down and Outlaws out of San Francisco just released an LP. They have a great live show. Check em out!


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