Kid Cupid’s Arrow Lands on the Mark with “London Love”

Leaving the comfort of home this week and heading overseas to bring you the electropop of London’s own Kid Cupid.

Their sound has garnered them comparisons to CHVRCHES, but when I clicked “play” on their latest single “London Love,” I heard the soundtrack to something more stateside as with a longstanding love for the sleepless city of New York, I imagine this is what parts of their nightlife sound like with their electronics of today taking some pages out of a funkier yesteryear when bell bottoms were all the rage.

Other than where this song sounds like, the overall song has this chilled vibrancy to it. There is a constant energy to it but it comes together with a sense of cool. With pops of vocals here and there, the real star are when everyone comes together and the communal sing-a-long takes over. You feel part of the crowd and want to be in on it every step of the way. Coming from across the pond with a Big Apple sound, Kid Cupid deliver an addictive pop song with electronic tendencies with their latest, “London Love.” For more, check them out this fall when they play their hometown on September 26 at The Bedford, and October 15 at Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton.


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