The Endless Possibilities of Trishes

With a sound that takes pop and drops hints of indie and hip hop in it, LA’s own Trishes is playing with a stacked hand. While not always a fan of one of the sounds she’s come to utilize most, she explained how hip hop beats landed in her lap, the ups and downs of day jobs and more…And after you check out what she had to say, check out what she can do live by seeing her live at UCSD on September 26.

Kendra: What has living in LA done for your career that may not have happen if you lived elsewhere?

Trishes: I feel like unexpected things can happen here at any time and everyone you meet is doing interesting things. Even when I’m walking down the street to get coffee I think “you never know who you’re going to meet today or the adventure this walk could take you on.” It’s hard to name a specific circumstance because everyone who has helped me and believed in me and pushed me as an artist I’ve met by happenstance living in LA. Possibilities are endless everywhere but it’s easier to see that out here.

Kendra: Did you grow up a fan of both indie and hip hop? Is that what influenced you to take both on when it came time to craft your style?

Trishes: I grew up mostly listening to pop music as a kid and then more indie rock and singer/songwriter stuff in my teens. I didn’t really get into hip hop until I started doing live looping in my early twenties since the beat boxing and sampling elements of looping are rooted in hip hop.

Kendra: Your single, “Day Jobs,” got me. As a freelance writer who recently had to get one of those dreaded things, I loved what you had to say. Have you had any horrible day jobs that made you work on your music that much more?

Trishes: Honestly all of the day jobs I’ve had have been ultimately pretty rewarding and I’ve been very lucky in that way. In high school I worked as a server with a bunch of my girlfriends in a cafe next to the beach and that was really fun. As an adult I worked as a nanny and then as a music teacher which was really fulfilling because I love kids and it’s really special to share music with them. I try to find purpose and joy in everything I do.

That being said I think there is something stifling about working jobs in which you don’t utilize your talents and abilities fully. It’s like never getting to stretch your arms all the way out or run at full speed. Part of you feels dormant and cramped and aching for air and motion.

Kendra: When it came time to do a cover, why the one-hit wonder “Mickey?”

Trishes: There’s a sexiness to that song that I wanted to exaggerate in my own version by simplifying the arrangement to really display the melody and lyrics with a really up front vocal.

Kendra: Do you have any plans to play shows in the fall, perhaps early in the new year?

Trishes: Tour planning is in the works and I’ll be playing some shows around the country in October and November.

Kendra: With LA having so many great up and coming artists, are there any you’ve met that you think our readers would love to check out

Trishes: I’ve met so many people out here that I’ve become a big fan on. My favorites would be Mickey Shiloh, Open Mike Eagle, Trace, Annabel Jones and Marian Hill.

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