Native Other: If I Can Keep It Together

No more than a week ago a note from Native Other came through from the men who make up Native Other about their latest single, “Palms.” They noted how it was the first song penned for their upcoming EP and that it really set the pace for what was to come. What followed in fact were a few more tracks that can be found on their upcoming release, If I Can Keep It Together.

Thankfully that note didn’t just have the single, but included an inside look at the whole record that’s to come this October. The second half of the record was something to get lost in as “Chlorine” and “Lust + Loss” were simplistic tracks that captured you in a haze. The first half though is where I felt the essence of this band really developed. When the record opens with “Palms,” it’s a bit of a shock as the falsetto comes through crisp and clear. Giving off a very hipster chic vibe, you could hear this everywhere from Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters. The youthful spirit was as appreciated as the Sam Smith like range in “Afraid Of The Dark/The Way She Goes.”

Back in August this foursome threw a listening party for the record and many showed up and left pleased they’d attended. Right now Native Other are getting a good amount of buzz about “Palms” and it seems like they’ll continue to do so as we near the release of If I Can Keep It Together, out October 7.

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