Desert Tundra Takes Us to “Virginia”

Photographer Credit: Kelly Elaine

Like a lot of people, I am scared of planes. It’s not just the idea of crashing – it’s that I do not trust how they work…So for years I remained on land. That is until I met the man of my dreams and decided to fly back east for his sister’s wedding. Where’d we go? Well it happens to be the name of Desert Tundra’s latest single, “Virginia.” So when I saw this track sitting in my inbox, I knew I had to share as that part of the east coast holds a special place in my heart. More so, it’s the place this singer-songwriter called home before following her voice to Los Angeles.

Born Janet Jalena, Desert Tundra decided on a musical moniker and with it her sound started to grow. A beautiful voice that sounds angelic at times, it’s surprising to learn that she grew up a little punk rock girl into Bikini Kill and Hole. While you won’t find a whole lot of Riot Grrrl in “Virginia,” you do get a sense of the 90’s. Here you have this great vocal performance layered with thoughtful lyrics with a spritz of alternative spirit ala Shawn Colvin and Paula Cole. Even with the guitars coming at the end, it took on a Lilith Fair meets Third Eye Blind aspect.

Facing one of my biggest fears and flying to a place near and dear Desert Tundra’s heart, I can see why she’d pen a song like “Virginia.” However, all I did was buy a plane ticket. What this girl’s done is way more inspiring. She’s slept in some of the shadiest places to save money and make her dreams come true and because of that and her obvious talent, we’re glad to share her with you today. Check out “Virginia,” out now.

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