LA Font: Swish 2

Members: Danny, Harlow, Greg, Mitchell
Hometown: Los Angeles

It’s a wonder one doesn’t run out of bands to feature from the LA and Orange County area but alas, every week we’re able to uncover new ones.

That’s the beauty of living in an area as bountiful in talent as Southern California. With that we have LA’s own LA Font, an indie rock band with a new record out and about called Swish 2 that is for fans not only for the aforementioned genre, but who also have a little punk in their heart.

Starting off the record with “Don’t Smile,” you’d think the pessimistic like title would give way to a melancholy filled track. Not the case at all. This was actually a very energetic and entertaining way to start a listening session. While they found time to slow things down with “Can’t Be Beat,” they continued with their vivacity with their more punk inspired tracks “Idiot Vid” and “Oh My Oh My.” Not the sort of thrashing punk, but a more like a surf punk. In the end, if there was only one track to get you to tune into the rest, go with either “Don’t Smile” or “Oh Me Oh My.” Either gives you a good grasp of what these guys can do.

With a million and one artists from the rim of Santa Clarita all the way down to the tip of Disneyland, Coming Up will continue to bring you artists like LA Font daily. So make sure that if you’re a fan of indie rock with spurts of punk rock sewn in, check out Swish 2, out now. Also, make sure to check LA Font out The Hi Hat on October 23 with Mumblr, The Black Heartthrobs and Doctrin.

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