Hannah Telle: Hollow Glow

One of the things that I’m most fascinated about this current generation is the amount anxiety floating around. It’s like our grandparents had the Depression, out parents had Vietnam and then we had this. It’s something I explore in my off time but rarely does it crossover into my musical realm, that is until today. Hannah Telle is a singer-songwriter with an alluring voice that takes you over in her latest release, Hollow Glow. While a massive talent that seems to come naturally, she suffers from performance anxiety. We’d like to let her know that she’s a doll and we love every note that comes from her lips.

Sounding like one of my favorite American Idol contestants ever, Brooke White, Hannah brings it in a serene way with her folk take on pop in “Never Done.” Overall serene is the word I’d use to describe the vibe gotten from this album but that’s not to say she didn’t get lively at times. She did so with “Happy Birthday” (not the traditional one we all have sung at least five times a year since we could speak) and “Sunrise,” which served up some Jewel realness. The songs I really loved though and hope you take with you are the title track and “Rather Be Alone.” “Hollow Glow” painted this picture, to me, what it feels like to live in LA sometimes; counterfeit charm dished out by even faker people. The other, “Rather Be Alone,” should be the ending credits to a drama on TV like now. It had this beautiful presence to it that seemed to sum up things perfectly.

While Hannah Telle lives with something a lot of people in this generation are dealing with, she has a great gift in that she has a lovely talent packed inside of her that she needs to continue to share with the world. If you’re a fan of artists like Joni Mitchell and Jewel, then this is the girl for you. With that, Hollow Glow is out now.

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