Nick de la Hoyde is “Thinking Bout You”

One of the easiest things to fall for is a cute puppy, and the other is a great pop song. Today I have no canine friends for you, but I do have Nick de la Hoyde’s latest single, “Thinking Bout You.” If you’re a fan of artists like Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, then this is right up your musical alley.

Straight to the point, this is the kind of song you want to hear on the radio when you’re stuck in traffic. The mid-tempo feel intertwined with the swag makes this a repeat offender for listening as in all honesty since I’ve started listening this morning, I’ve gone through it a dozen or so times. In the grand scheme of things, I could see Nick de la Hoyde opening for anyone from Charlie Puth to someone like Drake. I could see him working in both realms well with this track. More so pop, but he has this feel to him, this attitude that I feel he’s got it takes to crossover platforms.

If you’re a fan of that new school style of pop, check out Nick de la Hoyde’s “Thinking Bout You,” available now from this Sydney singer.

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