Michael Colton Delivers Country with a Side of Blues with New Single “Won’t Fall Away”

The other day I wrote about fall weddings and hy they are great for a number of reasons. The natural colors that create backdrops for timeless photographs, the lower costs and the possibility for better soundtracks. Songs of the summer that are all about hooks can damper an elegant affair, but music presented in the fall like Michael Colton’s “Won’t Fall Away” are as picturesque as the turning leaves.

Whether or not you’re in the market to find your first song dance or even one for your playlist for your big day of eternal romance, “Won’t Fall Away” is a perfect love song for anyone who likes their singer-songwriters with a bit of a country soul in them. With a voice that defines masculinity, you’ll want to wrap yourself up in every note that leaves his lips. That’s what you get not only from Colton’s single, but his EP, California Blue as a whole.

He did his time playing coffeeshops and bars when he started out but after a chance encounter, landed in the right place and the right time and then in the perfect studio for his country blues sound. Playing around the LA area often, you can keep tabs on where he’ll be next but as of right this second, he has nothing on the books. We’ll be waiting though!

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